Otherwise known as wet blasting / vaqua blasting / aqua blasting.
For refurbishment to as good as new condition alloy / non ferrous materials.
The vapour blasting process is unbeatable. The gentleness & effectiveness of the wet blast process compared to hand cleaning & conventional dry blasting leads to tremendous time savings during restoration works.
This non aggressive system will simultaneously degrease / clean and condition aluminium / stainless steel / brass / copper and plastics, providing an ideal surface to apply special coating or a high quality low maintenance sateen finish, WITH OUT DAMAGING CRITICAL COMPONENT FINISHED SIZES. We are also able to offer in house a full welding service for ALUMINIUM / STAINLESS STEEL etc. along with our own metal polishing / finishing facility.


Some of the products we have been asked to vapour blast are:

Car engine parts,
Motorcycle engine parts,
Brass furniture etc.